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Obz Cure Obz Cure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

))><(( poop back and forth

..why does this only track only have 10 downloads?? just shows how jinxed these NG users are on tetris remixes.... great complete thought you have produced here, how did you get it out of your head?.. the others reviews said it best i guess. . . aphex twin peaked out of this one a couple of times here and there.. makin a cd of your songs.. will be blasting out of my amped up corolla by tommorrow.. ..all of warren county new jersey will here the wrath splagawaga.. past the weis with the windows down, uncomfortable moment for those on a cigarette break!.. ..just park in a handicap spot and turn the sub all the way up..

Splagawaga responds:

sweeet :D
glad its gonna be blasting out loudly on the shores of america. this track is best really loud. i really appreciate this review m8. As you stumbled on this track of your own accord. im gonna upload some more for your CD now :P

p.s. aphex pwns